The Energy of Spring: A great surge….

Its the first official day of Spring today, and in the last couple of weeks you have probably noticed the change in the energy around us.

Spring is a time for change, a shift in energy from the quiet introspection of winter. In nature seeds sprout, buds open, and the sun warms the earth. There is a sense of renewal and new life all around. In Chinese medicine, Spring is associated with ‘Wood’ energy of the Liver. After the hibernation of winter Wood energy brings an energetic time of growth and movement, a time for creativity and ideas, new plans.

Our spring energy naturally surges forwards, needing to grow and move. If this is constrained, either by continued cold weather, or even by a lack of direction in our lives, we can feel frustrated or depressed. Physically we can experience headaches and neck tension, inflexibility in our joints.

There are ways we can shift our constrained energy. If you are feeling a little pent up, get outside and move! This will allow all that stuck energy to move properly through your body. Being open to change and starting something new can allow that energy to flow. If you’re still feeling stuck, acupuncture can help, relieving the tension, giving you vision and inspiration and allowing you to be open to change.

Eleanor Breen Acupuncture, Bristol