Inspiration for Summer

In Chinese medicine our energy changes with the seasons. The ‘Fire’ energy of summer is associated with joy and our extrovert qualities are at their peak. Here’s how to let your Fire energy thrive while looking after yourself:

  1. Be Active: This is our most energetic time so get outside, play with the kids, swim in the sea. Just don’t overdo it in the heat.
  2. Eat raw foods: In China foods are seen as warming or cooling. in hot weather, cooling raw foods like salad, juices and fruit will keep you balanced
  3. Spend time with people: Express your Fire energy by connecting with others.  Friends and laughter are important. Say yes to that BBQ. Talk to a stranger. enjoy time with your partner
  4. Spend time near water: Fire can rage out of control sometimes, we get overexcited and overheated. Water can cool and calm our minds and bodies.
  5. Get enough sleep: it’s natural to sleep less in summer but rest is still important. Make sure you recharge that energy you’re using.

Eleanor Breen Acupuncture, Bristol