Inspiration for Autumn

This morning the presence of autumn was palpable, the mist in the air, the damp smell, and the slight feeling of heartbreak that brings me.  For many including me, autumn brings a sense of melancholy, a feeling of loss; having to say goodbye to the warmth and joy of summer.

Autumn is a time of change. Chinese medicine describes it as a time for letting go, and for many of us this can be quite difficult. We may become mired in nostalgia or grieve for what has passed from our lives, focusing on regrets or lost opportunities.

By not letting go of the past we close ourselves off the potential of change and the amazing opportunities this brings. It closes us off from seeing the beauty of the present

In Chinese Medicine autumn is associated with the Lungs. The sadness and grief of autumn can be felt in your chest, often as a sense of emptiness, but breathing is also known as inspiration, and autumn is as much about taking in as letting go. Go out in the beauty of autumn and breathe in deeply and you can fill yourself with a sense of potential and inspiration, allowing you to accept that all things are cyclical and everything changes.